Standard Wood Finishes 



Quinton Cavendish offers a full range of wooden veneer and high pressure laminate and MFC finishes for all your office or meeting room requirements.  The table finishes shown below are some of our most popular wood veneers. However, we can mix and match wood finishes to suit any application.   

Whether it is a distinctive Boardroom or a functional Teaching Room we can provide a table solution to meet your requirements. 

 The following examples show various combinations of wood veneers available.  Other veneers are available to meet your exact requirements. 

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Names of the styles are shown in Green

Rosewood (Eaton)

American Walnut (Connaught)

Sapele Mahogany (Tavistock)

Elm Burr (Bloomsbury)

Cherry (Fitzroy)

Maple (Montague)

Swiss Pear (Russell)

American Walnut/Birds Eye Maple (Grosvenor)

Oak (Belgrave)   

American Walnut and Oak (Berkeley)

Oak (Sloane)

Beech (Hanover)